That DOS Won't Hunt: Hard Rock’s Andre Gowens on Streamlining CX

Vice president of enterprise architecture discusses consolidating different digital customer experiences across Hard Rock’s properties.

The Hard Rock brand is known widely with its cafes, restaurants, shops, and casino properties and customers who patronize its venues around the world. The trouble was there were different digital experiences for customers who engage with different branches of the company. This became increasingly complicated as more properties and venues were acquired and added to the mix.

Andre Gowens

Seminole Hard Rock Support Services

Andre Gowens, vice president of enterprise architecture, software engineering and data analytics with Seminole Hard Rock Support Services, appears in this episode of That DOS Won’t Hunt. He discusses consolidating and streamlining different digital customer experiences that were in use across Hard Rock’s properties. Making the change became increasingly necessary, he says, as the brand continues its growth and expansion. Gowens shares some of the strategic IT choices Hard Rock made to alleviate the headaches and confusion that could develop when customers visit its different outlets.

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