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Cybersecurity for Oil and Gas

The petroleum production process is rife with risk, and oil and gas firms are a favorite target of cybercriminals. Fortinet has comprehensive security solutions for the oil and gas industry—whether for land-based and offshore drilling sites, refineries, and pipelines—or for the corner gas station. The Fortinet Security Fabric enables end-to-end security integration across the expansive infrastructures oil and gas companies manage.

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Fortinet Oil and Gas Cybersecurity Solutions

Oil and gas companies face a variety of risks at all stages of the petroleum production process. Fortinet’s cybersecurity solutions integrate cyber and physical security for remote sites and offer secure networking for gasoline retailers.

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OT Cybersecurity Actions and Perceptions in the Energy Sector

The survey highlights areas of progress and concern around creating more secure systems for petrochemical and oil and gas operations.

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Pipeline Protection Priorities

The fallout and impact of the May 2021 pipeline ransomware attack enabled by a single leaked password attracted intense congressional and national agency scrutiny.

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Cost optimization

Securing aging infrastructure is critical as the air gap diminishes.

Visibility Across IT and OT Systems

Greater connectivity exposes aging, cyber-physical infrastructure to increased risk.

Operational Efficiency

Automating work is crucial for security teams as creating manual workflows wastes time.

Meeting Compliance Standards

Penalties for noncompliance are high but diminished brand reputation caused by a breach may be worse.

Fortinet Differentiators for Oil and Gas Cybersecurity

icon ics ot solutions
Purpose-Built OT Solutions
Industrial network equip have outdoor rated features like dual power supplies, DIN rail mounts.
icon ot threat intelligence
OT Threat Intelligence
Monitors 70+ protocols, 500+ known vulnerabilities. Specialized threat intelligence protects OT threats.
icon ot team
Dedicated OT-Experienced Team
Validated cybersecurity support for the industry, strategic partnerships with industrial control vendors.
icon fabric api integrated ecosystem
Broad, Integrated Ecosystem
Open ecosystem extends Security Fabric benefits to OT Fabric-Ready Partner solutions.
icon convergence grey
Converged Security Operations
Synergistically manage OT and IT networks in a converged SOC.
icon fortiguard services
AI-powered Security Services
OT Security services enable Industrial Control System security to stay ahead of evolving threats.

Case Studies

A leading oil and gas company with 5,000 endpoints across 200 locations in North America chose the FortiNAC network access control (NAC) solution to help them secure their distributed endpoints and legacy equipment. Using the FortiNAC solution, this customer ensured uptime and reliability of service while gaining security and visibility across the entire network infrastructure. The solution provided for master control over disperse locations without difficult hardware installations or complex legacy equipment upgrades.
- Major Oil and Gas Company

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Cybersecurity, everywhere you need it

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Fortinet has provided comprehensive security solutions for the oil and gas industry for more than a decade-whether for drilling sites, refineries, pipelines, or the corner gas station. Experience how the Fortinet Security Fabric addresses the cybersecurity challenges in oil and gas.

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