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Organizations are increasingly using MSSP services to cost-effectively mitigate the complexity of deploying and managing security. Fortinet’s broad portfolio offers the requisite security and services to enable MSSPs to accelerate their own and their customers’ digital innovation initiatives. 

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Enabling MSSPs to Expand and Grow in the New Distributed Era

There is unprecedented opportunity for MSSPs to increase market presence, footprint, and attract new accounts, but this also brings new challenges. Learn more about these challenges and the offerings that will be the most compelling to customers. Find out how to generate more revenue while keeping pace with the evolving threat landscape. 

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Build Future-Proof Services With the Fortinet Security Fabric 

Rather than selling and managing a sprawling set of isolated security solutions, MSSPs can build a robust and comprehensive portfolio of services by adopting a platform approach, the Fortinet Security Fabric. This integrated and automated cybersecurity platform enables MSSPs to easily apply their expertise and deploy new technologies and services.

Building the Managed Services Platform

Learn how to leverage the Fortinet Security Fabric to offer high-performing, scalable solutions

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Managing the Platform With a Single Pane of Glass

Discover how MSSPs reduce cost, complexity, and risk with centralized management and analytics.

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Secure Your Future With Solutions That Transform and Elevate

Fortinet solutions enable service providers to continuously innovate by providing a broad range of services that protect their customers’ infrastructures and workforces from cyberattacks. Learn how to take advantage of this unique opportunity to create sustainable growth, deliver actionable business outcomes, and secure your future.

Reduced Complexity and Efficient Operations

Eliminate architecture complexity that clouds visibility and decreases the efficacy of deployed technologies

Comprehensive Zero-Trust Architecture

Protect customer data and workloads by applying zero-trust security principles to hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Reduced Time to Detect and Remediate Threats

Shifting to automated and proactive security operations enables faster detection and containment of security incidents

Build Services That Deliver Strong Outcomes For You and Your Customers 

Managed firewall and monitoring services should be the foundation of a broad portfolio of services that generate the bulk of managed security service revenue. MSSPs should then expand to provide key services such as managed SD-WAN, managed SASE, SOC-based services, and cloud security, to align with customer and market expectations.

Managed Firewall and FWaaS

FortiGate NGFW, unified management, and FortiGuard Security Services enable MSSPs to start with a solid foundation of managed FW services everywhere.

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Managed Secure SD-WAN 

MSSPs are increasingly asked to deliver managed secure SD-WAN services to support business growth, improve user experiences, and enhance network security.

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Managed SASE 

Fortinet empowers MSSPs to accelerate growth by providing managed SASE for simple, seamless, and scalable cloud-delivered security.

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Develop Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Capabilities 

MDR services combine threat intelligence, security technologies, and human expertise to prevent, identify, detect, and respond to malicious activities.

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Build Automated SOC-based Services 

Explore how to build an advanced, automated 24/7 SOC that leverages Al and automation to expedite threat detection and response.

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Secure Applications and APIs 

Build services to provide consistent security policy, visibility, and continuous control of applications and APIs across all cloud environments. 

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Flexible Consumption Program for MSSPs 

Optimize operational expenses with our flexible points-based program to eliminate rigid security service selection and sizing of numerous security solutions. This program enables MSSPs to deploy scalable services in any cloud environment—public or private—hardware appliances or SaaS offerings.

FortiFlex allows customers to flexibly adopt endpoint licenses, VM licenses, and hardware services through a points-based program

Right-Size Your Security with FortiFlex

FortiFlex, Fortinet's points-based program, offers MSSPs the flexibility to scale their security solutions and services up or down, meeting dynamic deployment demands and evolving customer requirements.

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Why Partner with Fortinet to Build Future-Proof Services? 

Fortinet brings comprehensive and cost-effective security offerings, scalability, reliability, and support for MSSP-specific requirements. With a complete range of form factors and delivery methods including physical and virtual appliances, Fortinet enables MSSPs to boost performance and offer competitive pricing to their customers.

Comprehensive and Integrated Security Products and Services

A comprehensive platform with multi-tenancy support enables MSSPs to build a broad portfolio of services, reducing complexity and simplifying operations. 

Recognized Leadership, Performance, and Reliability

Fortinet is recognized as a leader in the cybersecurity industry with the necessary performance and reliability to address specific MSSP needs. 

Rich Sales Enablement and Training Programs 

Marketing support, consolidated training, and certification programs upskill MSSP staff to effectively deploy and support Fortinet-based services. 

Case Studies

Castor Marine
Castor Marine
Leading Dutch Maritime Communications Provider Fortifies Managed Network Service Solutions with Cybersecurity Platform Approach
IT Vortex
IT Vortex
IT Vortex Leverages Pay-as-You-Go Enterprise Security for the Ultimate Cloud Flex
Chicago-based MSSP Powers Diverse Security Use Cases With the Fortinet Security Fabric
Avid Communications
Avid Communications
Midwestern MSSP Grows its Security Business With Help From the Fortinet Security Fabric