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Tied to the White House’s Cyber Education and Workforce Initiatives, Fortinet is making significant progress in deploying its Security Awareness and Training Service, which was customized for the education sector and made available at no cost to all K-12 school districts and systems across the United States. The expansion of its free training provides the potential to help more than 8 million staff and faculty members and over 55 million K-12 students become more cyber-informed and improve their skillsets to avoid breaches at school, at home, and everywhere they go.

Research from Fortinet’s 2023 Security Awareness and Training Global Research Brief shows that in the education sector:


of education institutions experienced one or more breaches during the last 12 months


see the benefits of cybersecurity training to better protect their schools


believe increased cybersecurity awareness for all education staff reduces cyberattacks

Validation as a Certified Cybersecurity Training Program

Texas Department of Information Resources 2023-2024 State Certified Cybersecurity Training Program Local governments are recognizing Fortinet’s Security Awareness and Training service customized for school districts and systems as a certified program, including the Texas Department of Information Resources, who added the service to its list of approved and certified cyber training options as part of the statewide employee requirement for cyber awareness training.

What's Included

Intuitive Administration, Monitoring and Reporting

Purpose-built to align to NIST 800-50 and NIST 800-16 guidelines, the service provides a turnkey offering including an intuitive administrative interface for campaign building, monitoring, and reporting. Certificates of Completion are issued to those learners who complete the training.

Watch Now

Awareness and Training for Staff and Faculty

Training Modules

Quizzes and Knowledge Checks

Micro and Nano Reinforcement Videos

Awareness Assets

Curriculum for Classrooms

With the help of teachers across the United States, Fortinet wants students to learn how to apply cybersecurity skills to their digital interactions at school, at home, and everywhere they go. The Security Awareness Curriculum includes:

Teacher Guides Ready-to-Teach Lesson Plans Lesson Slides Student Handouts Multimedia Assets

Key Benefits

Security Awareness and Training Service Awards & Recognitions

2023 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards Winner 2023 Global InfoSec Awards Winner 2023 CyberSecurity Breakthrough Award Winner
2023 CyberSecurity Excellence Award Winner for Best Security Awareness Program 2023 Global InfoSec Award Winner for Best Security Awareness Training 2023 CyberSecurity Breakthrough Award Winner for Best Security Awareness Training Platform