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The AI/ML-powered FortiGuard IPS Service provides near-real-time intelligence with thousands of intrusion prevention rules to detect and block known and suspicious threats before they ever reach your devices. Natively integrated across the Fortinet Security Fabric, the FortiGuard IPS Service delivers industry-leading IPS performance and efficiency while creating a coordinated network response across your broader Fortinet infrastructure.



Understanding the FortiGuard IPS Service

The FortiGuard IPS Service provides rich IPS capabilities like deep packet inspection (DPI) and virtual patching to detect and block malicious traffic entering your network.

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Industry-leading IPS by Design

In both standalone IPS and converged next-generation firewall deployments, the innovative FortiGuard IPS Service is based on a modern, efficient architecture, making performance in even the largest data centers reliably consistent.

How the FortiGuard IPS Service Works

With FortiGuard IPS Service deployed as part of your broader security infrastructure, Fortinet is able to analyze and deploy new intrusion prevention signatures in near real-time for coordinated network response.

Multiply this workflow across Fortinet’s global customer base and you have a network effect that accelerates protection faster than ever.

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Fortinet Security Fabric Integrations

Unlike other vendors, the strength of Fortinet's platform-driven approach is the concept of creating localized network effects with a global network effect across Fortinet's worldwide customer base.

Vulnerability and Application Security Across the Fabric

FortiGuard IPS Use Cases

Today’s cyberthreats dictate that IPS does more to protect expanding network edges. The FortiGuard IPS Service takes traditional intrusion prevention capabilities to the next level, providing coverage for the following use cases:

Features and Benefits


Utilize deep packet inspection of network traffic to detect and block threats


Extend IPS protection to OT devices and applications with specialized signatures


Deploy new security countermeasures in near-real-time through coordinated network actions


Extend IPS protection to IoT devices and enable virtual patching


Address initial access stages of the kill chain and MITRE ATT&CK® framework


FortiGuard Outbreak Alerts

FortiGuard Outbreak Alerts

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Global Threat Landscape Report, 1H 2023

Global Threat Landscape Report, 1H 2023

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Powerful Firewalls Need Powerful IPS Security

Powerful Firewalls Need Powerful IPS Security

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