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Protecting the Integrity of Higher Education Networks 

The Fortinet Security Fabric provides comprehensive, high-performance security to protect college and university networks. Fortinet has integrated solutions to cover all attack surfaces and ensure sensitive research, devices, and personal data are protected. In addition, our centralized management and reporting simplify security operations and reduce total cost of ownership.

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Embracing Security Operations in the Educational Sector

Achieving a balance between people, processes, and tools is key. Fortinet solutions and services help create this balance, providing a comprehensive cybersecurity framework for educational institutions. With Fortinet technology, IT teams can easily identify and mitigate cybersecurity risks while also enhancing user experience and maintaining data privacy.

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Cooperative Contracts Made Easy

Cooperative contracts can be an excellent alternative to traditional RFPs, providing a streamlined process for organizations looking to purchase IT solutions. Fortinet makes this process simpler by offering our entire catalog of products and solutions through cooperative contracts. This enables IT teams to avoid wasting time and resources conducting their own formal solicitations.

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Safeguarding Higher Education from Sophisticated Threats

Discover why the Fortinet Security Fabric is the ideal solution for higher education SecOps. With a security-first approach, we're providing end-to-end protection across networks, clouds, endpoints, and applications. Integrate voice, cyber, and physical security provide seamless monitoring and management with automated threat response and advanced threat intelligence, saving valuable time.

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Poor risk management & incident response

Poor asset data & not treating cyber risk using frameworks delays cyber-attack recovery

Risk strategy is reactive not strategic 

Little or no planning, awareness, or training results in poor and reactive cyber-team responses

Growing and unmanageable attack surface 

More remote learning and WFA increases size, complexity, and scope of cyber-event management

Lack of quality cyber talent increases risk

Workload, mistakes, and risk increase from fewer resources and lack of qualified talent

Inadequate staff and student cyber awareness

Cyber-awareness programs seen by academy as high cost and time away from teaching/research

Why Fortinet

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Comprehensive, Integrated Security
Our all-in-one security solution covers network, cloud, endpoint, application security, and more
FortiGuard Labs
Proactive Threat Intelligence
Our proactive security solutions use advanced threat intel to detect and prevent cyber-attacks
Scalable and Flexible
Our scalable security adapts to changing needs, including remote learning and work from anywhere
icon security training
Awareness & Training Programs
Our cyber-awareness programs reduce human error risks with minimal disruption

Case Studies

We did not experience any difference at all from the pre-sale to post-sale support, which speaks volumes about Fortinet’s commitment to its customers.”
- Dr. Mehran Basiratmand, Executive Director and Chief Technology Officer, Florida Atlantic University
We needed a solution that would allow us to extend our existing security framework into the cloud, while maintaining full control and visibility across the entire infrastructure. Using the Fortinet Fabric Connector for Azure Cloud Services, together with virtual instances of the FortiGate NGFW gave us single-pane-of-glass control and visibility over everything.”
- Marc Verstraaten, Cloud Architect, Wageningen University & Research
We realized that Fortinet was the platform to optimize security, while allowing each site to customize the tools depending on their capabilities and size.”
- Fernando Vega González, Systems and Technology Coordinator, Anáhuac University Network
Before, we did not have time to focus on development or on improving our information system. Now, since Fortinet enables us to spend less time gathering data and implementing fixes, we can spend more time on strategic and value-added work.”
- Sebastian Barron, Director of Computer and Technical Services, Northeast Texas Community College
Having all components integrated with Fortinet allows us to achieve better overall results. We have greater visibility, while we can centralize administration and quickly respond to incidents.”
- Uciel Fragoso Rodríguez, Director of Technological and Information Services, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM)

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Cybersecurity, everywhere you need it

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Higher education institutions are rapidly adopting technology, embracing cloud services, mobile applications, and IoT devices for smart campus initiatives. However, these advancements pose heightened risks to network security, intellectual property, and personal data. As campuses resemble mini-cities with an extensive attack surface, robust network infrastructures are essential to safeguard people, processes, and tools. Discover how the Fortinet Security Fabric effectively addresses cybersecurity challenges in higher education through a self-guided tour.

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