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FortiXDR, part of the SecOps Platform, correlates data from across endpoint, network, cloud, and other data lakes to detect stealthy attacks enterprise-wide. Once detected, FortiXDR can automatically conduct incident response actions or aid analysts in rapidly remediating events across the entire Fortinet Security Fabric and third-party solutions.


Why FortiXDR?

Advanced attacks are difficult, if not impossible, to detect using point security tools. FortiXDR can help block these attacks before a serious breach can occur. By analyzing security feeds from your entire Security Fabric, correlating related events into incidents, and investigating further using patent-pending AI, FortiXDR can initiate immediate cross-fabric actions to block the attack and any further activity. Built on the cloud-native foundation of FortiEDR, it is easy to deploy and continually curated by Fortinet experts.



Analytics, AI, and Automation

FortiXDR self-driving results are powered by analytics, AI, and automation from end to end. Unique threat detection and correlation analytics from FortiGuard Labs continually monitor security feeds to discover suspicious activity. The AI-powered decision engine then takes expert actions to fully investigate and evaluate any potential incident. Finally, pre-set policies execute blocking and remediation actions based on incident classification, user group, risk exposure, and other criteria. 

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Features and Benefits

Extended Attack Detection

Applies specialized analytics across your Security Fabric data to identify advanced, multi-modal attacks

AI-Powered Investigation

Leverages deep learning to automate incident investigation actions typically requiring security experts

Automated Threat Response

Executes pre-configured, automatable remediation actions across Fortinet and third-party security products

FortiXDR Use Cases

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Advanced Endpoint Protection
FortiXDR is a seamless extension of FortiEDR, delivering the same unique real-time protection and detect-and-diffuse capabilities.
Fabric Integration
Fabric-wide Attack Detection
FortiXDR identifies attacker activities across the kill chain by analyzing and correlating data from the entire Security Fabric.
icon ot
IT/OT Security Convergence
FortiXDR endpoint OT security features, virtual patching, and Fabric-wide analysis help protect OT assets and detect OT attacks.

Enterprise Analyst Validation

ESG Economic Validation on Fortinet SecOps Fabric
ESG Economic Validation: The Quantified Benefits of Fortinet Security Operations Solutions. Improved security team operational efficiency and reduced risk to the organization, each by up to 99%. Written by Aviv Kaufmann, Practice Director and Principal Economic Validation Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. July 2023
The Quantified Benefits of Fortinet Security Operations Solutions
As enterprises evolve, new technologies emerge, and cybercriminals introduce more sophisticated attacks, security leaders and their teams face a variety of challenges in securing the organization’s networks. This new report published by Enterprise Strategy Group details the benefits of using Fortinet Security Operations solutions, including improved operational efficiency and more effective risk management.
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FortiCare Support & Professional Services

Fortinet is dedicated to helping our customers succeed, and every year FortiCare services help thousands of organizations get the most from their investments in Fortinet's products and services. To achieve this, FortiCare follows the life-cycle approach and provides unique services to help our customers in their success journeys.

Technical Support Services

Technical Support Services

Various per-device options are available for efficient operations. FortiCare Elite option provides a 15-minute response time for critical products.

Professional Services

Professional Services

Our multi-vendor experts can design and deploy a complete best practice-based solution to help you meet your network or security objectives and adopt new capabilities.


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Training & Certifications

Fortinet Certified Professional - Security Operations
In this two-day class, you will learn how to use FortiEDR to protect your endpoints against advanced attacks with real-time orchestrated incident response functionality.