Superior Protection, Automation, and Correlation

Advanced cyber campaigns like ransomware require advanced security tools. Fortinet endpoint solutions stop even sophisticated stages instantly, defuse malicious code components as they execute, and remediate any damage they may cause. Fully automated incident detection, investigation, and response across the organization prevent attacks from succeeding.


Advanced EDR & XDR

FortiEDR offers a wide range of features to solve issues related to the security and management of your endpoints; both workstations and servers. Integration with the Fortinet Security Fabric and hundreds of third-party security, analysis, and event management solutions help unify detection, protection, investigation, and remediation. FortiEDR can be used either across your ecosystem of endpoints or across multiple security silos by adding FortiXDR.

Meeting Today’s Modern Endpoint Security Requirements

Learn about today’s requirements for modern endpoint security, as well as the unique detect and defuse capability available from Fortinet, to reduce your cyber risk despite an industry-wide shortage of cybersecurity professionals. Prevent attacks by extending visibility and security across endpoints and workloads, no matter where they are. Watch the 1 minute video.

Connect Securely with Zero Trust

Organizations need to support working from all locations using zero-trust principles. FortiClient offers Universal ZTNA that delivers application access control no matter where the user is located—in the office, at home, or on the road. Lower your risk by checking users and devices for the appropriate posture, including a vulnerability scan, before granting access. FortiClient is a unified agent that also supports VPN, EPP, and Security Fabric telemetry.

Discovery, Visibility, and Protection

Discover and protect endpoints and their applications based on granular and customizable policies through virtual patching and risk-based communication control. Know your security posture and easily view and manage policy violations from a single pane of glass. Watch the 3 minute video.

Endpoint Detection and Response


Fortinet provides a lightweight endpoint security agent and superior behavior-based protection while reducing the attack surface for the enterprise. FortiEDR is highly recommended by customers and fields superior third-party test results. It natively integrates with the Fortinet Security Fabric, as well as third-party products via connectors, to create the most complete extended detection and response (XDR) solution with FortiXDR.



Features and Benefits

Fortinet endpoint security solutions offer a wide range of use cases for your organization.

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Detection and Defusion in Real Time

Automatically detect and defuse potential threats in real time—even on compromised devices. Drastically reduce malware dwell time as well as  instantly stop breaches, prevent data loss, and remediate ransomware damage with system rollback.

Automation Across Multiple Silos

Use customizable contextual incident response playbooks, along with connectors that automate incident response for each group of users or device types across multiple security solutions. This reduces mean times to detect and respond, as well as decreasing alerts by 75%.

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MDR 24x7 Threat Monitoring and Response

Get help configuring, tuning, threat hunting, analyzing, and managing your threats and alerts, 24x7. Add skilled, experienced staff with incident response, threat hunting, analysis, and EDR/XDR product expertise to your team.

Universal ZTNA

Universal Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is becoming more important as organizations continue to move to a hybrid work environment. Universal ZTNA provides application access control for all locations, regardless of whether the user is in the office, at home, or on the road. Universal ZTNA uses strong identity checks, device vulnerability scans, posture checks, continuous contextual information, and behavior analysis to ensure that only authorized users are able to access applications. 

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Threat Hunting

Handle it with your staff or engage our MDR experts to hunt for threats and understand, unearth, correlate, and address more sophisticated threats in your environment across multiple security tools with our XDR solution.