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The FortiGuard Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Service enables the identification and monitoring of an organization's data. It protects against data breaches, insider threats, and data exfiltration. A customizable database of more than 500 predefined data patterns and policies  simplifies and expedites DLP deployment and integration into existing environments.

Safeguard Sensitive Data with FortiGuard DLP

The FortiGuard Data Loss Prevention Service supports centralized data security management with a database that categorizes predefined DLP data-type patterns such as:

  • Drivers license for various countries, states (U.S.), and provinces (Canada)
  • Tax I.D. numbers for various countries
  • Credit card numbers
  • Financial records

Keep Data Safe

FortiGuard DLP enables organizations to detect data loss, preventing sensitive data from leaving the organization, as well as the unwanted destruction of this data. It also helps organizations with data security and compliance with internal and government regulations such as CCPA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, and HIPAA. 

FortiGuard DLP Service

The FortiGuard DLP service allows organizations to:

  • Identify sensitive information across multiple on-premises and cloud-based systems
  • Prevent the accidental sharing of data
  • Monitor and protect data
  • Educate users on how to stay compliant

Fortinet Security Fabric Integrations

The strength of Fortinet's platform-driven approach is to enable coordinated workflows including response while customers benefit from a globalized network effect across Fortinet’s worldwide install base. The FortiGuard Data Loss Prevention Service is integrated into the following Fabric solutions:

FortiGuard Data Loss Prevention Service Use Cases

The FortiGuard DLP Service is critical to ensuring sensitive data does not leak. 

Features and Benefits

Comprehensive and Unified DLP Service

Enables teams to have central policy, management, orchestration, and control over data

Security Fabric Integration

Collect and share critical event information between solutions

Less burden on IT teams

Implement FortiGuard DLP Patterns as needed. No internal management is required