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FortiFlex: More Solutions Now Available through Our Flexible Licensing Program

The FortiFlex program offers organizations the flexibility to adapt quickly and easily to changing business requirements. Learn more about FortiFlex and get started today.

By Vince Hwang February 20, 2024

FortiGuard Labs Threat Research

Android/SpyNote Moves to Crypto Currencies

FortiGuard investigates a hot new sample of Android/SpyNote, which shows the malware authors stealing crypto currencies from crypto wallets.

By Axelle Apvrille February 15, 2024

FortiGuard Labs Threat Research

TicTacToe Dropper

FortiGuard has identified a grouping of malware droppers used to deliver various final-stage payloads throughout 2023. Learn more.

By Amey Gat and Mark Robson February 14, 2024


The Importance of Patching: An Analysis of the Exploitation of N-Day Vulnerabilities

An analysis of the exploitation of resolved N-Day Fortinet vulnerabilities by an unknown actor.

FortiGuard Labs Threat Research

Python Info-stealer Distributed by Malicious Excel Document

FortiGuard Labs has uncovered a malware campaign involving a python info-stealer distributed by Excel document. Learn more.

By Pei Han Liao February 05, 2024