10 Creative Ways to Slice IT Costs

How can IT leaders cut costs when inflation spikes the price of everything? Here are some innovative ideas that might help with overstrained IT budgets -- without giving up the very things they need to operate.
Samurai on top of mountain.
Jolly Roger (pirate flag) on wind and sea in sunset cloudy sky at background
Gold pan equipment. Closeup of old picks, axe, and pan.
Four fishhook drawn up in heart shaped isolated on white backround.
Rustic scythe and rake in a harvested field of wheat with stalk stubble in an agricultural landscape
Old axes hanging on a wall in a wooden cabin
Sushi knives shop in Tokyo
Disposal bin at airport for sharp objects
Person grinding on abrasive cutting and knife sharpening stones.
A throwing knife streaks through the sky with motion trail and blur.
swiss knife multi tool 3d
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John Edwards, Technology Journalist & Author
Jessica Davis, Senior Editor
John Edwards, Technology Journalist & Author
John Edwards, Technology Journalist & Author
Sara Peters, Editor-in-Chief, InformationWeek / Network Computing